Strange hands grope wife as hubby walks ahead

Drunk nightclub visitor caught by husband

DUBAI 25 August 2017: A drunk Jordanian nightclub visitor groped a woman who was stepping towards her residence in a hotel, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On June 26 at around 2am, Singapore couple, AB, 28, and her husband NA, 31, passed by a nightclub in a hotel to their permanent residence in the same hotel.

“I was walking a few steps behind my husband when three men who looked and smelled drunk, passed by us. Shockingly, one of them stepped towards me and with his two hands groped my breasts. I shouted and screamed so my husband turned back and ran towards me. My assaulter and the other men ran away. We informed the security guard and police arrived and arrested him,” testified the woman.

Her husband repeated corroborative testimony and said that he could follow the assaulter and catch him until police arrived.

“He admitted to his crime and apologised before police arrived,” said the husband.

Police arrested ZM, 25, Jordanian Civil Engineer who was proved to be under the influence of alcohol.

The court will give verdict on August 27.

By Lolyana Zaki