Now a gadget to catch if you speed up between radars

Rajive Singh

SHARJAH 20 February, 2018: A free ride for drivers, who try to escape road fines by slowing down near the speed radar or fasten seatbelt only when they find a police patrolling car in the vicinity, may soon be a thing of the past if an innovative project by the students of the Skyline University, Sharjah, becomes a reality.

Aptly called Smart Street, the project suggests roads and transport authorities equip every vehicle with a small cell phone-sized sensor that can connect to radars through electro-magnetic waves.

The sensor can also be connected to the vehicle’s computer with a small screen to show commands to the driver if he is driving above or below the speed limit or has not buckled up the seatbelt. If the driver continues to drive recklessly despite the warning, he may be fined by the authorities.

The project, developed by Saif Yazan Maslamani and Mahmoud Frejieh, is on display at the Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences as part of the UAE Innovation Month being celebrated in Sharjah from 15th to 21st February.

“It is quite common to see reckless driving on the roads. While some drivers slow down near the radar to avoid the fine and speed up as soon as they get past the radar, others switch lanes in a dangerous way. Ignoring the seatbelt warning is also quite common that puts lives of the driver as well as the passengers at risk. Such habits can be controlled by adopting this technology as the sensor can be mounted on the vehicle and it remains active throughout the period car that the engine is on,” Maslamani explained.

Dr. Kakul Agha, who teaches innovation and entrepreneurship at Skyline University and is a mentor of the innovative project, said, “It is a futuristic idea focusing on road security and safety for drivers. It can become a reality in a fast-moving innovative country such as the UAE.”

She said that speeding tickets might be an expensive way for many drivers to learn that they must slow down. “Mounting these sensors on the vehicles to alert drivers whenever they speed-up or ignore safety signs is less expensive and more effective idea. Radar sensors give an audible warning and flash a light to alert drivers to slow down. The intensity of the alarm increases with increasing speed,” she added.