UAE telecom subscribers are double the population

By DG Staff

DUBAI 10 February 2019: The number of telecommunications subscribers in UAE mobile, fixed-line and data services amounted to 23.64 million in 2019, according to statistics released recently by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, TRA.

The number of mobile phone subscribers reached around 18,278,817, which equals to 204.3 lines per 100 inhabitants last year, according to TRA’s figures.

Prepaid-service subscribers numbered 14,655,021 in the reference year, while post-paid service mobile subscribers reached 3,623,796.

Mobile phone services account for 77 percent of the revenues of the country’s main operators, Etisalat Group and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company.

Up to 3,016,318 people subscribed in internet services until August, while fixed-line subscribers hit 2,345,578.