Yesterday was longest day of Ramadan this year

high of 39-44°C in major cities along the coast.

DUBAI 21 June 2017: Today is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere – and for those fasting during this month of Ramadan, it will mean that extra forbearance.

Just think of those call Iceland or Scandinavia their home – they have up to 20 hours of sunlight at this time of the year.

20 june

However, in the UAE, mercury has climbed down from a gruelling 49°C of just a couple of days ago and will hover at a decently bearable 39-44°C in the major cities along the coast.

Deeper inland the temperatures will see an uncomfortable high of 47°C – but thankfully, it will not stay at that level for all of the day.

WEDNESDAY WEATHER: The UAE’s weather agency, the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), said that on Wednesday, it will be hot in general and hazy at times.

Some clouds may form eastward, maybe towering. Moderate to fresh winds, especially over the sea, may cause blowing dust/sand over the exposed areas. The relative humidity will increase by night and early morning over some coastal and internal areas, with a chance of fog/mist formation.

Sea will be moderate to rough, especially towards western offshore in the Arabian Gulf and moderate in Oman Sea.

Hotter This Ramadan

This Ramadan has been – on average – 3°C hotter compared to May.

NCMS says on June 21, the sun comes directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer, marking the beginning of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere where countries witness the longest days in the year, thus increasing temperatures in most parts of the country with an average increase of approximately two to three degrees Celsius, said Wam.

It said the heat will be higher as the Siberian High-Pressure ridge will diminish during June, while the Indian Monsoon trough will prevail in the country through most of the month. It extends from the east with the appearance of clouds over some parts, and with the probability of convective clouds over the eastern mountains of the UAE in the afternoon, the NCMS stated.

During May, air temperature was between 33°C to 35° Celsius with a maximum temperature between 40°C and 42°C, and minimum between 27°C and 29°C.

By Eudore R. Chand