What are the top 3 predictions that’ll change your life…

By Eudore R. Chand

A bed will probably turn into desk, cabinet or bath tub

DUBAI 22 October 2017: Design is always changing, and with tech and design increasingly aligning, we’re arguably moving towards the most radical period of change in design history.

How different will the design landscape of 2040 be, then? Quickly-evolving technology and tools, and a fast shifting design landscape make it very difficult to predict the future, because the design elements that will complement our lives in 20 years time probably do not yet exist.

That being said, we asked Medy Navani, Creative Director of Dubai-based architecture and design firm Design Haus Medy for his Top 3 Predictions for the Future of Design, and this is what he had to say…

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1. Soon, we will be surrounded by Robots. As humans we are getting more and more comfortable, we rarely take long walks and are always in search of an easier and shorter solution. We spend a significant amount of time in buildings and the demand for helpers will only increase in future.

The solution is robotic and virtual assistants, who carry out whichever tasks we request of them. Be it with the help of Apple’s “Siri” or Amazon’s “Alexa”, our homes and offices will need to be technology ready.

Smart homes will become a must, nobody will switch on a light, set the AC or open the curtain manually in the future.

2. Glass is the material of the future. I believe in the near future glass will be the dominant material in daily use objects.

Plastic buttons and aluminium frames will be replaced by intelligent glass surfaces.

Partition gypsum walls will be replaced by huge touch screen glass panels, which can adopt any colour or screen or picture.

Traditional wooden table surfaces will become a multi-functional glass surface operating like a computer.

Glass windows will become TV screens allowing any desired outdoor view or even an imagined expensive curtain.

3. Surface materials will become more smooth and connected. Resources will become exhausted in the future. The demand for artificially created material will increase and at the same time they will become longer, stronger and more durable.

We will see less gap and groove connections, materials will flow into each other.

Colour will be more even and clean.

Forms will merge with each other and borders will disappear.

Furniture will become more sleek and multi-functional.

A bed will not only be a bed in the future, it will probably turn into a desk, a cabinet or a bath tub.