TOTAL launches a Digital Service Book in UAE for car drivers

Total Marketing Middle East is proud to announce the launch of an online Digital Service Book for UAE motorists. This new service is entirely free. It was developed in partnership with Michelin to allow motorists to better manage the maintenance of their car and their car expenses. The Total Digital Service Book is available on
Keeping track of car maintenance: a real headache!
Car manufacturers no longer provide paper service book in the car’s glove compartment. Many motorists lose their maintenance book the first year. How can they remember the operations performed on the car if they have not carefully noted what has been done and where? If one has to manage multiple vehicles per family, storing all information becomes time-consuming. When selling their car, how do the owners justify an updated service book to sell their car at the right price? “In the UAE, due to local climatic conditions, it is necessary to change the oil of the car and check the air conditioning several times a year. The Digital Service Book will help the car owner to keep their car well-maintained and safe” states Franck Giraud, Marketing Vice-President at Total Marketing Middle East based in Dubai.

Maintaining my car’s resale value made easy
With the Digital Service Book, Total Marketing Middle East aims to provide innovative services to motorists. The new online service will allow drivers to track and manage auto maintenance expenses and our partners to build strong customer relationship. Through a network of experts, Total is able to coach the drivers with relevant advice and solutions available in all the UAE « Does digital make us ‘smarter’?, I don’t know but for sure,  the Digital Service Book offers peace of mind. Motorists will receive notifications to remind them to do the maintenance of their car at the right time and sometimes with discounts.  A track record of service operations will also help the car owner to sell their car at the right price, », concludes Franck Giraud.

In short, the Digital Service Book is a solution that promises to simplify the tasks of running a car, with a maintenance plan that is in compliance with the car manufacturer’s recommendations. All official documents and invoices related to the car can be stored in the online Service Book – available anytime, anywhere – making the service center visit a lot easier.