Tropical storm Hikaa moving towards Oman

By Eudore R. Chand

UAE East Coast may see some seawater surge

ABU DHABI 24 September 2019: There will be no direct impact of Tropical Storm Hikaa on the UAE over the next three days, affirmed the National Center of Meteorology (NCM).

”There is no direct impact on the UAE within the next three days. Seawater surge over eastern coast with high tide period, and may adversely affect some low coastal areas especially on Wednesday morning,” said the NCM in a statement.

Tropical Storm Hikaa is deepening over the center of the Arabian Sea. It is located at latitude 20.2 degrees north and longitude 64.2 degrees east, moved at a speed of 26 km / h, with estimated wind speed around the center 110 km /hr.

Tropical Storm Hikaa intensify into Tropical Cyclone Cat1, moves westward toward coast of Oman with estimated wind speed around the system’s center 120 – 130 km/hr for the next 12 hours. It weakens into Tropical Storm as it approaches Oman’s coast on Wednesday Morning.


Arabian Sea tropical storm won’t affect UAE