Two ‘confused’ Daesh recruits arrested in Saudi town


Tried to resist and flee away but were caught

Riyadh, ¬†August 24, 2016, SPA — An official spokesman of the Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of two Daesh-recruited youths before carrying out a plan to explode a restaurant in the Saudi town of Tarout, Eastern Region.

In a statement to reporters in Riyadh, he said that 27-year-old Abdullah Abdulrahman Abdullah Al Ghunaimi, Saudi national, and 24-year-old Hussein Mohammed Ali Mohammed, Syrian national, were apprehended at a check-point in Tarout on Friday.

Appearing confused and disturbed, the two persons tried to resist and flee away but were caught by security men on the spot.

Searching their vehicle, a rifle, ready-to-be-detonated explosive belt were confiscated.

Preliminary investigation revealed that Daesh has recruited them outside the Kingdom and sent them to carry out a suicide attack on Al-Saif restaurant in the town of Tarout, Eastern Region, at 11:00 p.m. the same day, the spokesman said, adding that, based on the information obtained from the ongoing investigation, two Syrians were also arrested for links with the case.