Two coalition fighter pilots rescued unhurt after jet crash

By Rajive Singh

RIYADH 8 January 2018: The Arab Coalition Forces Command, ‘Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen’, announced that two pilots have been evacuated from the operations area following a joint search and rescue operation implemented after their fighter jet had fallen due to a technical failure.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) carried by Wam, Colonel Turki Al Malki, Spokesman of the Joint Coalition Forces, disclosed that, at 3:40 pm Sunday, a Saudi Royal Air Force fighter jet sustained a technical failure after implementing an operational task to support legitimacy in Yemen which resulted in its fall inside the operation area with no injuries suffered by the aircraft’s crew.

“The Arab Coalition Forces Command implemented a private joint operation to evacuate the two pilots in collaboration with the air and land forces where the two pilots were evacuated into the Kingdom’s territories,” the spokesman added.