UAE committed to strengthening tolerance: Lubna

five main themes of the National Tolerance Programme

ABU DHABI 18 July 2017: Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance, stressed the commitment of the UAE’s leadership, government and people to strengthen the values of tolerance, peace, co-existence and harmony, while rejecting all forms of terrorism, hatred and bias, as well as to work with the international community to stand against the challenges facing the entire world, which undermine international peace and security.

This statement came during her meeting with Jean Paul Laborde, Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate, CTED, in her office at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, where they discussed the important role of media tools, the civil society, business community and academic institutions in the efforts to strengthen and encourage the values of tolerance and co-existence, and to consolidate efforts in combatting the words of terrorism, extremism, bias, violence and racism, said Wam.

Sheikha Lubna highlighted the leading international efforts and the numerous initiatives of the UAE, including the creation of the International Institute for Tolerance and the awarding of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Tolerance.

She also mentioned the UAE’s National Tolerance Programme, which is aimed at sustaining the values of tolerance, love, brotherhood and friendliness, as well as the seven main pillars on which they were gleaned such as Islam, the UAE Constitution, Zayed’s Legacy and Ethics of the UAE, as well as international conventions, archaeology, history, humanity, and common values.

She stressed the five main themes of the National Tolerance Programme, represented in strengthening the government’s role as an incubator of tolerance, consolidating the role of a tightly knit family in building a tolerant community, promoting tolerance among young people and keeping them from exposure to fanaticism and extremism, enriching scientific and cultural content for tolerance, and contributing to international efforts to promote tolerance and highlight the role of the UAE as a tolerant country.

Jean Paul Laborde expressed his admiration for the UAE experiment in achieving sustainability of tolerance and co-existence, taking the necessary measures to counter terrorism, extremism and hatred, and looking forward to benefiting from this, especially in the legal, educational, community, cultural and media front.

By Rajive Singh