UAE cracks down on fraud with upcoming Consumer Law

By DG Staff

ABU DHABI 30 April 2020: The Financial, Economic and Industrial Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council (FNC), continued discussing a draft federal law on consumer protection comprising 36 articles.

The committee discussed the draft law during its meeting held remotely.

Saeed Rashid Al Abedi, committee chairman, stressed the keenness of the committee to add amendments that will benefit consumers and protect them from exploitation by suppliers, said Wam.

Al Abedi also said that the committee discussed the majority of the articles pertaining to the law with representatives of relevant authorities, adding that the law will enable consumers to contact relevant authorities at the Ministry of Economy to submit complaints about fraud and exploitation.

He then pointed out that, as part of the law, relevant authorities will aim to obtain the correct information on goods purchased by consumers, and raise the awareness of consumers about their rights and obligations.

The law comprises 36 articles divided into five chapters and addressed definitions of some words and phrases, as well as its objectives and its scope of work. The law will be published in the official gazette.

During the second session of the first ordinary session of its 17th legislative chapter held on 7th January, 2020, chaired by Saqr Ghobash, FNC Speaker, the FNC approved the transfer of the law to the Financial, Economic and Industrial Affairs Committee.

The committee is in charge of reviewing draft laws, public topics, related international treaties and agreements, economic and commercial policies, plans and programmes, the country’s public budget and closing accounts, industry and statistics affairs, and matters submitted to the committee by the FNC and its speaker for consultation, as well as other matters related to relevant ministries.


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