UAE Investors: You have >Dh500 billion in public shares

UAE listed companies capital stands @ Dh404.9 billion

ABU DHABI 11 June 2017: Some Dh295.2 billion is the total capital of local Public Joint Stock Companies (PJSCs), listed with Abu Dhabi Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), Dh87.1 billion of which is the capital of firms listed at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, ADX, according to SCA statistics.

The total capital of companies listed at Dubai Financial Market, DFM, reached Dh109.7 billion, with the capital of companies not listed on a stock exchange standing at around Dh98.4 billion, said Wam.

At a total of Dh71.8 billion, the banking sector tops all economic platforms, followed by the property sector firms with a total capital of Dh55 billion, then the financial services and investment sector at Dh51.5 billion. The capital of transportation sector companies amounted to Dh31.6 billion, while those of the services sector reached Dh26.5 billion, Dh19 billion for the energy sector, and Dh13.2 billion for the telecommunications companies.

Abu Dhabi is second to none in comparison to other emirates with the capital of its government companies put at Dh90 billion, followed by Dubai at Dh50 billion for its government-run companies, then Fujairah at Dh10 billion.

Dubai stood out in terms of the capital of non-government companies at a total of Dh110 billion, followed by Abu Dhabi at Dh57 billion, then Sharjah at Dh21 billion for its state-run firms.

By Rajive Singh