UAE Mystery Shopper app now in 8 languages

By DG Staff

DUBAI 7 March 2020: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched 8-language ‘Mystery Shopper’ application to enhance the role of customers, and measure the performance of government entities and efficiency of the services they provide.

The application is available in Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, French and Russian to cater to the needs of all members of the community as well as visitors to the country.

Customers can share their feedback on the smart application either during or after their visit to the service centre. The comments section allows users to elaborate further on their experience, thus helping the government entities to understand the aspirations and experiences of the customer at a deeper level.

The application enables government officials to monitor the performance of service centres and identify hidden soldiers and employees who provide the best services to customers. It also provides them with the required data, through an electronic platform, to support service improvement efforts and to identify strengths and improvement opportunities, said Wam.

The application has been developed by the government of the UAE with the objective of enhancing the role of the customers, and preparing them to become active partners in developing and enhancing services by capturing their ideas and suggestions.

Sheikh Mohammed affirmed, “That every individual in our community in the UAE is a partner in improving government services, and that every customer is a mystery shopper who will be the judge and the measure for the performance of any government entity and the efficiency of services it provides.”

The application represents the first nationwide smart platform in the world, in 8 languages, accessible by every resident of the country, to evaluate government services using their smartphones, thereby making each individual a mystery shopper.

His Highness said, “More than 30 years ago, we launched the mystery shopper programme and now that direction has become a comprehensive approach and one of the most important tools in improving government services today.

“The application encourages all members of the community to become mystery shoppers providing the government with instant evaluations of their experiences in obtaining government services, conveying success stories and identifying hidden soldiers and role models within government employees and reporting improvement aspects and development opportunities, as we want our government services to be the best of its kind in the world.”

His Highness added, “The doors of our government are open to people. The voice of the customer is always heard and his feedback is the essence of our attention and follow-up. The duty of the official in any government entity is the interaction and direct communication with people, listening openly to them in the field and improving services as per their expectations.”

The application, available on smart platforms, is considered a quantum leap in the efforts towards improving government services. The application is available on IOS and Android systems, and allows customers from different backgrounds to have a seamless and fast user experience which includes evaluating the customer experience, searching for nearby service centres and locating them using GPS.