UAE sends 72 tonnes of covid help to Maldives

By Angelica Sukriti

Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

DUBAI 10 June 2020: As part of its leading humanitarian role in the fight against COVID-19, the UAE today dispatched 72 tonnes of medical supplies to the Maldives to support efforts to curb the pandemic’s spread. The aid included critically-needed personal protective equipment and medical supplies expected to benefit more than 72,000 healthcare workers as they work to contain the virus.

UAE Ambassador to the Maldives Dr. Saeed Mohamed Ali Al Shamsi remarked, “In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the UAE has served as a determined member of the international community in ensuring that aid reaches all corners of the world. Eliminating COVID-19 requires collective action, and no nation can engage in this fight alone.”

“Today’s aid delivery to the Maldives reflects this pledge of coordination between countries battling COVID-19, and the UAE is proud to have assisted dozens of countries in this brotherly manner in recent days,” he continued.

For his part, Dr. Hussain Niyaaz, Ambassador of the Maldives to the UAE, extended his gratitude to the leadership and people of the UAE for their consistent support to the Maldives in efforts to overcome the pandemic and supply healthcare workers with the necessary protection.

It is worth noting that to date, the UAE has dispatched over 802 tonnes of aid to more than 65 countries, benefiting approximately 802,000 medical professionals.