UAE’s ‘Magnet Baby’ … demagnetised

Baby with 21 magnets in stomach rescued in Abu Dhabi

AL AINĀ 2 August 2017: Tawam Hospital, a premium care facility located in Al Ain City, Abu Dhabi, has successfully removed 21 magnets out of the stomach of a 23-month baby after they triggered 8 gastrointestinal perforations and 4 aortoenteric fistulas between his stomach, colon and intestines.

The operation was performed by a professional team led by Dr. Khalid Al Harbi, Consultant, Pediatric Pulmonologist, who stated that the case was immediately diagnosed once he was hospitalized and showed that the 21 magnetic pieces he had swollen had been stuck together, which necessitated an immediate surgical intervention as it could have pressured the veins and resulted in dire sequels, said Wam.

“Thanks to God Almighty, the professionalism of the medical team and the high-tech surgical equipment at the hospital, we managed to remove the magnets and close the gastrointestinal perforations. The child is now safe and sound and left the hospital in a good condition,” he added.

By Angel Chan