Uber launches new safety measures for users

By DG Staff

DUBAI 1 December 2019: Uber has announced the launch of its new Community Guidelines as part of its endeavor to create a safe experience and fostering mutual respect, for both riders and partner-drivers using the app, across the Middle East.

Those star ratings at the end of the trip matter; they are not just about bragging rights, amongst friends, they signal if you had an enjoyable trip and were treated with the level of respect expected within our community. Drivers are rated on a range of factors: did they provide any required assistance to the rider, was the ride smooth and safely executed, did the driver treat the rider with respect and make him/her feel comfortable, etc… It’s a two way street, riders rate drivers and drivers rate riders.

For Uber partner-drivers this respect is of the utmost importance, their vehicle is their place of work, and though the vast majority of their interactions with riders are trouble free, there may be some who do not share this mutual respect. This is why as part of Uber’s launch of the new Community Guidelines, the brand has rolled out a new rider quality system putting into practice the standards of behavior expected from everyone who uses Uber – Rider and Driver.

At Uber, the company does the right thing, and this new policy is essentially about fairness, it’s bad news for bad behavior and good news for Uber’s community, everyone can enjoy a five-star ride when people respect each other’s differences and treat their traveling companions the way they’d like to be treated themselves.