Unknown hit-and-run caught after 6 months of hard work

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 13 January 2019: Six months ago there was a hit-and-run run case at a pedestrian crossing in which one person was in coma for three months and almost died.

Dubai Police was foxed as there was no clue as to who the runaway driver was or which car was he driving.

But perseverance and painstaking investigations paid off when Lieutenant Ahmad Khalfan bin Lahej Hajri finally tracked down the ‘whodunit’ and arrested him.

It all started one day when the Bur Dubai police station encountered the most mysterious and complex accident ever. There were no eyewitnesses or any kind of information about the culprit or even any physical evidence that may facilitate search and investigation.

Moreover there was no data on the vehicle that had caused the incident.

But Lieutenant Ahmad Khalfan tirelessly followed up for six consecutive months till he could catch the driver who had almost caused the death of the victim.

Brigadier Abdulla Khadem Sorour

Brigadier Abdulla Khadem Sorour, head of the Bur Dubai police station, said: “Operations room reported a hit-and-run accident in Al Quoz industrial area. The driver was able to escape. The injured was transferred to Rashid Hospital with multiple fractures that needed surgical intervention and medical care. He was in coma for three months.”

Lieutenant Ahmad Khalfan was assigned to carry out the search and investigation of the fugitive.

Lieutenant Ahmad Khalfan bin Lahej Hajri

He explained that the circumstances of the incident were very difficult because of the lack of data from security surveillance cameras and the absence of any eyewitness.

“We found that the driver was very sophisticated. He had fled the country and used his son to cause a collision with the car to conceal the traces of the previous hit-and-run accident. Despite their careful planning, father and son did not succeed in escaping the law. The vehicle was found to be in the accident and the defendant was identified as the fugitive driver.”

Dubai Gazette