US couple cares for 200 cats at their home

Spend Dh30,000 a month on them

A Moslem American and his wife are spending at least SR30,000 (Dh30,000) to care for nearly 200 cats at their home in Saudi Arabia.

Deeb and Farah, who have lived in Saudi Arabia for the past nine years, started with just a few stray cats they picked from roads after getting approval from authorities.

cats 2

“We now have nearly 200 cats…they were all stray cats we found on the roads…we gave them shelter in three stories of our villa,” Deeb told Sabq newspaper.

“We decided to bring them to our home after we saw some them overrun by cars…they now cost us at least SR30,000 month but we have not thought we will have all these cats,” he told the paper at his home in the Western Red sea port of Jeddah.