Vigil for Ankit Saxena, student murdered; kid rescued…

By Aliza Noor

DELHI 11 February 2018: A 23-year old amateur photographer, was stabbed to death in West Delhi’s Khayal area, allegedly by the family of a girl he was in a relationship with. The deceased is identified as Ankit Saxena.

The only child of Kamlesh and Yash Pal, was passionate about photography and had turned it into a career after his father, who is a heart patient, retired two years ago.

Ankit Saxena

Apparently, the family of the girl came to know about their relationship being continued despite their disapproval leading to quarrels and they decided to kill both the lovers. She was waiting for him at the metro station but the boy bumped into her family who in the blink of an eye, full of rage, stabbed him to death.

Ironically, the death of her lover saved her.

The boy was a Hindu and the girl a Muslim. Candles were lit for Ankit, but his parents refused to hold one, fearing it might ignite hatred. It’s sad and ironical as what started as love, synonymous with the color red, ended with bloodshed, also synonymous with red.

Student murdered by three schoolmates

Nisha, mother of a young boy could not have seen this coming when she was called around 11:15 am on Thursday to pick up her son who wasn’t feeling well, and a few moments later was told to reach Mahavir Hospital. A nightmare for a mother, as cold as the boy’s body, when she reached the hospital. The class IX student of a private school was found dead inside the school premises in Karawal Nagar on Thursday.

DCP AK Singla informed that three minors have been apprehended in the case. “The batchmates have been charged with murder. We have changed earlier section of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.” Police said the investigation shows that the deceased intervened in a fight with the three accused juveniles, who had decided on confronting him for doing so.

A video that the police found shows the juveniles entering the washroom and leaving a few minutes later. The boys had punched Tushar in the neck and face. Apparently, Tushar had told his mother about getting involved in a spat with somebody, but not what it was about. Little did she know that it will lead to this. She has asked for a CBI investigation in the matter. She told the police how she was angry with him a night earlier and didn’t even talk to him, not knowing that now she could never do so now. Now she sits caressing his childhood photo and a pair of jeans and cap that he often wore. Nothing worse can happen to a mother who cooked the day’s lunch and waited for her son to return from school.

Kidnapped kid freed after gun battle

On January 25, a school bus ferrying 14 children was targeted by two men, who barged inside brandishing guns, shot the driver in the leg and kidnapped a 5 year old boy, Vihan Gupta. Nevertheless, after a brief exchange of fire, Delhi Police rescued the boy a few days ago. In the gun battle, one of the kidnappers was shot, while the other was injured.

After a few ransom calls, the father struck a deal with them to stay in a rented flat. Their luck ran out when the police detained a man who was passing information to them who then disclosed the flat details. Then a trap was laid, and a gunfire ensued primarily injuring the accused. All the victims, including the police personnel were taken to the GTB hospital.