2,036 students qualify for Gold Visa, check your…

Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 16 August 2021: The Abu Dhabi Residents Office (ADRO) has launched a new web tool to help parents of high school students in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi confirm if their children have been selected to receive a Student Golden Visa.

The launch of the website follows the Emirates Schools Establishment’s (ESE) announcement that 2,036 exceptional students – 950 of which study in Abu Dhabi – have been qualified to apply for the Golden Visa, an ADRO press release said on Sunday.

As detailed by the ESE, students that have achieved total scores of 95 percent or higher in their UAE Ministry of Education curriculum final exams qualify to apply for the Student Golden Visa.

Accordingly, ADRO has developed an accessible, easy-to-use web tool that safeguards families’ privacy to assist parents looking to confirm their children’s eligibility. Parents can verify if their children have been selected for a Student Golden Visa by visiting www.adro.gov.ae and entering the Emirates ID details of their children.

For parents with children selected for the Student Golden Visa, they may proceed to any “TAMM Service Centre or Tas-heel Centre” to begin the application process. They may also apply online through the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (ICA) at: www.ica.gov.ae.


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