Where is the spiritual home of the Gherkin?

By DG Staff

DUBAI 2 December 2019: Residents of Spreewald, Germany, are proud of their gherkins. A Spreewald resident came up with the concept of pickling cucumbers — which grow in abundance in the region — over 150 years ago.

Today, tourists visit the area to eat the salty, crunchy treat and visit the Gherkin Museum founded by Karl-Heinz Stark just after the reunification of Germany.

Sixty miles outside of Berlin, Spreewald is a Unesco biosphere reserve full of picturesque woodlands and a network of waterways. The best way to get around is in a punt, which is a water barge. Manfred, a punt driver, takes viewers on a scenic cruise through Spreewald before they are introduced to Susi Beesk, a local celebrity who holds the title of Super-Gherkin Queen.