Which are the most popular ‘used cars’ in Dubai?

Which brand is making inroads into Japanese-led market?

CarSwitch DMCC  [http://www.CarSwitch.com] has created an infographic which reveals the most popular used car makes and models people in Dubai are looking to sell.

Toyota retains a strong first place, primarily thanks to its Camry and Corolla models.

Other Japanese makes, such as Nissan and Honda, occupy top slots though German engineering leaves its mark in 2nd place with Mercedes and 4th place with BMW.

Founded in early 2016, CarSwitch aims to reinvent the painful process of buying or selling used cars. Its technology platform offers direct seller-to- buyer deals, complete transparency and a proprietary 200-point inspection and guaranteed warranty for every car.

Disclaimer: All facts and figures in this infographic are accurate at the time of issuance.