Woman checks mobile on tracks… train runs over her

Driver tried to stop but it was too late

A Russia woman has been killed by a tram in Moscow after she stopped to look at her phone in the middle of the tracks.

The unidentified woman had been walking along a road in the Russian capital when she was struck by the tram.

CCTV footage on board the tram shows the horrific moment she stops and stares at her phone, completely unaware she is only seconds from death.

As the tram appears from underneath the railway bridge, the woman remains engrossed in her phone in the middle of its path.

The driver frantically tries to stop the tram but by then it’s too late.

As the girl looks up, the tram has already hit her.

The female driver, who appears to be in her 60s, can be heard screaming as she slams the brakes and exits the tram to check on the woman.

The woman was rushed to a Moscow hospital where she later died of her injuries.

Moscow police have now launched an investigation into her death.