Women screaming does not deter night-time groper

stole dh500 from handbag

DUBAI 3 August 2017: A woman screamed at a stranger she saw in her bedroom. he left and she went back to sleep. After half an hour, she woke up again when her flat mate, in the other bedroom, screamed as she woke up to a man groping her leg, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On February 16, at around midnight, AM, 29, British manager, went to sleep leaving the flat’s door unlocked because her flat mate NM was out and did not have a key.

Apparently, NM returned home but also left the door open as she did not have the key to lock it. She went to sleep.

“At around 4am. I woke up with a man in the room. He was holding the flash light of his mobile and roaming around. I noticed my roommate NM in her bed. I shouted at him and asked him to leave the flat. He left the room, but we did not get up to be sure that he got out of the flat and lock the door. We went back to sleep again,” testified AM.

Half an hour later AM woke up of the screams of her flat mate in the other room.

The two women rushed to their flat mate’s room who told them that there was a man in her room.

“He lifted the blanket and groped my leg,” AA, 30, Finland manager told her flat mates who also told her what happened in their room half an hour earlier.

The victim also noticed that the intruder had stolen Dh500 from her han bag which was near her in the room.

The victim lodged a complaint with the police.

Police reviewed footage of CCTV and recognized the man

Police arrested AB, 24, Lebanese employee.

AA recognized her groper when shown to her via identification parade.

By Lolyana Zaki