World’s largest festive ornament is in Dubai

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 22 December 2018:When it comes to record breaking feats, there seems to be no place like Dubai to showcase extraordinary achievements.

The Dubai Mall, the world’s most visited retail and lifestyle destination, is raising the bar yet again by adding another Guinness World Record title to its credits – this time, clinching the record for the World’s Largest Christmas Bauble Ornament.

Weighing an astounding 1,100 kilograms, the metallic bauble ornament was bespoke made for Dubai Mall’s festive campaign by American design firm Venue Arts. Measuring almost 6.597m in height with a diameter stretching 4.689m wide to form a perfect sphere, it took two days to assemble and hoist this grandiose piece.

Visitors can now marvel at this Guinness World Record bauble ornament in Star Atrium, where it is arranged in a composition of a total of five giant ornaments creating an impressive display of shimmering festivity for the world to see.


What: The world’s largest festive ornament

Where: Star Atrium, The Dubai Mall

Price: Free for all to enjoy

Happy Holidays!

Dubai Gazette