You’ll get SMS alert on fog, crashes: AD Police

By Divi S.

ABU DHABI 13 March 2018: The Abu Dhabi Police has begun operating the ‘National Early Warning System’, in co-operation with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, NCEMA, which sends warning and awareness messages to road users and local residents about being careful while driving in certain areas during bad weather and traffic accidents.

The Abu Dhabi Police highlighted the importance of forward-looking solutions to limit traffic accidents during fog in a conference last month, which focused on three key areas – identifying areas affected by bad weather, such as heavy fog, through traffic patrols and smart towers; analysing cases of bad weather, such as lack of visibility, and employing smart police systems and traffic patrols to identify areas that regularly witness serious traffic accidents.

The second stage of the project is to adopt it over a wider geographic area, which includes neighbouring areas that are affected by bad weather and serious traffic accidents, said Wam.

The final stage will see the partnerships between the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police and government authorities, such as the NCEMA and phone service operators in the UAE, being encouraged and activated, to enable the system to send direct warning messages to the public through their mobile phones, so drivers can decide whether to drive to work, take alternative routes or be very careful while driving.

The Abu Dhabi Police, in co-operation with the NCEMA, also organised a workshop on how to benefit from the electronic services of the National Early Warning System, as part of its desire to implement the government’s directives and its commitment to meeting the requirements of Abu Dhabi’s plans, strategies and priorities to make local roads safer, and based on its belief in the importance of strengthening its partnership with its strategic partners and fulfilling its commitments.