Newly discovered stars named after Sheikh Zayed

Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 15 December 2021: The Emirates Astronomical Observatory announced yesterday the discovery of a number of new Variable stars in conjunction with the World Space Week, which concluded yesterday.

The head of the team of the Emirates Astronomical Observatory Nezar Sallam was able to discover 3 Variable Stars and record and adopt this discovery in the record of the ‘The International Variable Star Index’ .

Sallam said: ”The new discovery has been officially registered and recognized at the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) and the adoption of the star name in the International Variable Star Index.” He continued, “In this way, the Emirates Astronomical Observatory has recorded a new scientific achievement in addition to the discovery announced late last year, which was represented by its co-discovery of two new planets that were formed about a billion years ago outside the boundaries of the solar system.”

Sallam added: ”The variable stars, symbolized by the letter V, are a category of stars whose apparent brightness changes in a persistent or variable pattern with respect to an observer on the surface of the Earth, so that the star moves from a certain degree of brightness to a degree of greater or less powerful brightness for various reasons. Different and it is one of the stages in which the star lives, where there is a change in the degree of brightness or in the stellar mass.” The importance of searching for variable stars lies in providing information about stellar properties of stars, such as mass, radius, internal and external structure of stars, composition, and stages of development, in addition to providing information about luminosity, temperatures, and by discovering and studying them, we can measure the distance between us and other galaxies.

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