112 killed on Dubai’s roads in six months

62 deaths were caused by wrong crossing and sudden car lane change

Road accidents killed 112 people in Dubai’s during the first half of 2015 and most of them were caused by failure of road users to respect traffic rules.

Police data showed 62 of the deaths were caused by accidents resulting from wrong pedestrian crossing, sudden swerve or change of lane by vehicles, and failure of motorists to leave enough space with other cars.

The figures showed about 114,000 traffic offences were recorded in Dubai in the first half of 2016, and they also included speeding and jumping the red lights.

Nearly 41,000 offences involved wrong crossing of roads by pedestrians, who were caught by the police or other traffic law enforcers.

“This is a big number…it shows that some people insist on abusing the traffic rules and this is a major cause of road deaths,” Dubai’s assistant police commander in chief major general Mohammed Al Zafin said, quoted by Emarat Alyoum daily.