30 students pull Boeing 737 plane 150 metres

By Eudore R. Chand

Hemaya students pull Boeing plane

DUBAI 17 November 2019: Thirty students from Dubai Police Schools (Hemaya) pulled a 737 Boeing aircraft owned by flydubai for a distance of 150 meters at the Dubai International Airport.

The aircraft pull was one of the key activities organised by Dubai Police in support to the ongoing Dubai Fitness Challenge 30X30.

Major General Muhammad Ahmad bin Fahd, Assistant Commandant for Training and Academic Affairs at Dubai Police, praised the youngsters (aged 15-17) for their perseverance and keenness in taking part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge. He also extended the force’s thanks to flydubai for being a long-term strategic partner to the force.

Last year, Dubai Police women officers broke the Guinness World Record by pulling a Boeing 777-300R, weighing around 240 tonnes, for over 100 metres, while their male counterparts broke a similar record in the year before when they pulled a 302-tonne 380A aircraft for over 100 metres.