Abu Dhabi Hindus, Canterbury join global prayer

By Eudore R. Chand

World unites in ‘Prayer for Humanity’ today

ABU DHABI 14 May 2020: The Hindu Community in Abu Dhabi has announced support for the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity’s call to pray for humanity on Thursday, 14th May.

Pujya Brahmavihari Swami, Leader of the Hindu Community and Head of BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, expressed his pride in joining the prayer called for by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, describing it as an inspirational initiative to get humanity at large united in the face of the Covid-19 onslaught.

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity issued a statement calling for the prayer, supplication and fasting. His Holiness Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church and Dr. Ahmed El-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and other prominent religious, political, and societal figures announced their support and participation in the global initiative.

Archbishop of Canterbury to join prayer

LONDON: Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, has announced his participation in the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity’s call to pray for the good of all humanity on Thursday, 14th May, to end the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Archbishop of Canterbury called on everyone from all religions to seek help from God and pray to him on 14th May to end this pandemic, using the hashtag launched by the Committee to participate in this event, #PrayForHumanity.

World unites in ‘Prayer for Humanity’ today

Today, 14th May 2020, will witness a global united effort where individuals from all walks of life and belief systems will come together in reflection and prayer.

The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity, HCHF, initiated the ‘Prayer for Humanity’ call, inviting religious leaders and faithful around the world to a day of fasting, prayers and supplications for “the good of all humanity” and “an end to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Commenting on the initiative, the HCHF Secretary-General Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam said that following the launch of the action on 2nd May 2020, the Committee had received global support from a large number of religious, political leaders and institutions from all over the world. Led by Sheikh Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar, and His Holiness Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, many state presidents, prime ministers, along with religious leaders, political figures, media personalities, social influencers and prestigious educational institutions have also supported the call to pray for humanity, Abdelsalam told Wam.

Abdelsalam explained that world peace and human fraternity form core pillars of UAE society, that has carried forward the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who created a nation that has become host to individuals from all walks of life, coexisting peacefully. He went on to note that the UAE helped oversee the creation of the Human Fraternity Document, adding that it is a true testament of the UAE leadership and its people’s belief in unity, fraternity, and peace for all.

Dr. Sultan Al Remeithi, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders and member of the HCHF, noted the need for a silver lining, a positive recognition during the coronavirus pandemic. The Prayer for Humanity has sparked hope, he said, adding that the call has united prayers and hearts around the world for the common good.

Dr. Al Remeithi noted that the global call for prayer seeks God the Almighty’s salvation from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as ridding global communities from the scourge of hate, discrimination and antipathy.

Father Professor Dr. Ioan Sauca, Secretary-General of the World Council of Churches, WCC, and HCHF member, had called on members of the WCC to join in the global day of prayer. He noted, “Due to this pandemic, many of our people suffer from a state of fear, mistrust, shock, isolation, social distancing and have even experienced deaths within their families or their ecclesiastical communities. While we continue to suffer from this global health crisis, our global solidarity through prayer will reflect our innate feeling of responsibility and care towards one another.”

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity seeks to bring humanity together in prayer on Thursday, 14th May, in what will be the largest gathering of humanity for one goal. The event will be accompanied by unprecedented media coverage, through the Committee’s social media accounts with two hashtags in Arabic and English, #صلاة_من_أجل_الإنسانية and #PrayForHumanity to allow people to interact and share their videos, photos and posts.



Join global prayer on May 14 for end to pandemic