African with 3 passports swindles Dh56,000 in air

one passport was found to be forged

DUBAI 9 August 2017: A Nigerian allegedly used three forged credit cards when buying stuff worth a whopping Dh56,000 on board a plane, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

DT, 30, used forged credit cards for buying stuff on board while travelling on an Emirates airline plane. The value of the stuff was Dh56,205.

On May 4 at around 6.30 pm passenger DT, was referred to the investigation department at the Dubai airport for using forged credit cards.

“When I asked him to present his passport for identification, he submitted three passports one of which was from the country of Benin. Checking the passport, I found that it was forged,” testified Sergeant Saif Ahmad.

The officer confronted the accused of that and the later admitted the crime and claimed that a friend gave it to him in his home country.

The passport also carried forged entry stamp of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

It was also proved that the three Mastercard, American Express and Visa cards were forged.

By Lolyana Zaki