Meet the endangered hippos at the Al Ain Zoo

DG Staff

Al Ain 6 March 2021: Al Ain Zoo continues its ongoing efforts to conserve and protect hippopotamus from the threat of extinction by initiating the latest programmes and adopting strategies to breed them within the zoo, as well as growing awareness for the conservation of their natural habitats.

Home to a group of ten hippopotamus, four residing within the hippopotamus exhibit, and six live within breeding groups enclosures, Al Ain Zoo offers these wonderful animals comprehensive care to the highest international standards, providing them with a healthy and varied diet, ample space resembling their natural habitat, in addition to health care provided by a team of expert veterinarian staff.

A tight knit family of four hippopotamus reside in the huge 740 m3 aquatic exhibit (around 195,000 gallons). Water is always kept clean and fresh by utilising the only automated filtration system in the Middle East whereby all water in the pond is filtered every 45 minutes, with an average of 600 gallons per minutes, the hippopotamus family spends most of their day at the outdoor pond, where guests can observe them and learn more about their lives, said Wam.

Al Ain Zoo plays an important role in conserving endangered species including the hippopotamus, and is committed to protecting them by highlighting the importance of conservation. Al Ain Zoo also sponsors several important international programmes for safeguarding species, conducting research on conserving, breeding, and distribution, as well as re-introducing endangered species into their natural habitat.

Hippopotamus is the third largest mammal in the wild and listed as endangered species, Al Ain Zoo continues its work to conserve, nurture, and breed these magnificent animals.


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