Al Umobuwah – new word created to celebrate mom

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 23 March 2018: Arabic, as well as numerous other cultures, contains varieties of words that stem from paternal centred roots.

The word “parenthood” – الابوة (Al Obuwah) is one of them.

Although, many have, over time, understood that word to mean both – father and mother – the word “parenthood” in Arabic actually translates into “fatherhood”.

As a brand that celebrates parenthood and is close to mothers across the region, Babyshop believes it’s time to lend mothers’ the resonance and recognition of their role in parenthood, by bringing “mother” into the Arabic word for “parenthood” too.

With it in mind and on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Babyshop has worked with linguists to introduce the word ‘الأموبوة – Al Umobuwah’. A new word that represents “Motherhood & Fatherhood”.

Ruban Shanmugarajah, Chief Operating Officer of Babyshop said “With the evolution in parenting over the last few years, we believe it should always represent both mothers and fathers. Today’s generation sees both parents as equals therefore we aim to represent mothers and fathers through a new word that carries an immense weight of importance as well as honors the stature of mothers.”