Augmented Reality: Emirates’ new look @ on-board passengers

looks a little bit odd, but maybe that can be overcome

DUBAI 15 June 2017: As part of its plans to further revolutionise its services, boost its competitiveness and survive the headwinds besetting the aviation industry, Emirates airline is reportedly studying ways to equip staff with augmented reality glasses that display a passenger’s name and travel habits!

“We could enhance customer service tremendously,” said Christopher Mueller, Emirates’ Chief Digital and Innovation Officer in statements carried by Bloomberg, said Wam.

Mueller was appointed last year to help modernize the world’s biggest long-haul airline.

“The consumer will want to interact in a completely different way. It still looks a little bit odd,” Mueller concedes. “But maybe that can be overcome.”

Augmented reality, available on gadgets such as Microsoft Corp.’s HoloLens headset and Apple Inc. iPhones, is gaining traction at companies seeking to improve customer service and worker productivity.

Fashion brand Gap lets shoppers virtually try on clothes by dressing an avatar. Car manufacturers including Jeep and BMW offer 3D versions of their vehicles on mobile devices. HP Inc.’s app guides users replacing ink cartridges. Thyssenkrupp AG repairmen wear goggles to access technical data, hands-free, when fixing skyscraper elevators.

By Angel Chan