Brexit Certain: Theresa May to form new UK government

Gets backing from DUP

LONDON 10 June 2017: British Prime Minister Theresa May faced calls to quit on Friday after she lost her parliamentary majority, following a snap general election that saw her Conservative Party fail to keep their parliamentary dominance days before talks on Brexit are due to begin.

However, after meeting with British monarch Queen Elisabeth II, she said she will form a new government with the backing of Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which won 10 seats.

Tory Party won 318 seats – and with 10 from DUP – crosses the majority mark of 326 seats in UK parliament.

Semi-final results on Friday showed that the Conservatives had lost around 15 seats, while Britain’s opposition Labour Party gained around 30 new seats, said Wam.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn urged Prime Minister May to resign, but she said her party would “ensure” stability in the UK.

By Sheena Amos