Special needs Canadian bowler finds friendship in UAE

By Divi S.

ABU DHABI 24 March 2018: Charles Muir didn’t get into bowling for the thrill of victory or even for the chance to play in the Special Olympics – he got into the sport to make friends.

Tired of being left at home while his sister went out, Charles headed to his local bowling alley to forge his own friendships.

Charles soon found that his circle of close pals was growing as quickly as he could knock down pins with a speeding bowling ball.

“I started bowling a long time ago,” said Charles. “I was 18 years old and I did not have any friends.

“My sister would go out with her friends and I just sat at home doing nothing. I decided to make myself busy, so I started bowling.”

Now a key member of the Canadian bowling team that took part in the Special Olympics IX Mena Games 2018 in Abu Dhabi, Charles enjoyed every minute of his time in the UAE capital with his teammates.

All-round Athlete

An accomplished all-round athlete, Charles regularly competes in hockey, basketball, football and baseball matches as well as bowling.

“Hockey is probably my favorite sport because I practice with my father and he used to take me with him when he was playing with his team,” he said.

Coached by Charles’ father, Frank, the Canadian team are enjoying being able to compete against athletes from all over the world.