Where do Arab travellers like to holiday most?

By Rajive Singh

DUBAI 24 March 2018: UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are among top three holiday destinations for Arab travellers for the second year in a row.

Travellers enjoy value-for-money holidays as UAE and KSA register decrease in price paid for rooms in 2017, according to the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) from Hotels.com.

Turkey topped the list as the most popular holiday destination for Arab travellers among the countries analysed in the latest HPI followed by the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Thailand, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, France and Germany.

Despite global increases in accommodation prices, the UAE and KSA witnessed a decrease in prices paid per night for hotel accommodation by 4 per cent and 9 per cent respectively.

Isabelle Pinson, Vice President, Emea for Hotels.com brand, commented: “Although hotel prices rose for travelers globally in 2017, Arab travellers enjoyed great value for money in the UAE, KSA Thailand and USA – due to the decrease in daily room rates in these destinations.”

Globally, the HPI report revealed a 2 per cent hike in accommodation prices for the first time in three years. Also, it was good news for newlyweds as they paid up to 18 per cent less per night for popular honeymoon hotspots such as Cyprus (-18%), Maldives (-5%) and Italy (-12%), compared to those booking in 2016.