Marine Clean-up: Crown Prince Hamdan dives in

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 6 December 2017: The Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum yesterday joined a dive team to clean up the marine environment of Dubai.

He called on UAE residents to adopt activities and programmes that preserve environmental resources, with the aim of guaranteeing that they can both sufficiently support the country’s needs, and adequately offer future generations a high quality of life.

The clean-up of the marine environment in Dubai – a volunteering activity adopted as a result of crowdsourcing platform launched last week – received more than 6,000 ideas in six days and invited residents to propose ideas to implement on International Volunteer Day – ideas that both inspire, and encourage others to follow suit. Those who suggested the initiative were invited to accompany Sheikh Hamdan.

hbm cleanup marine 1

Sheikh Hamdan expressed delight in children’s participation, namely Mohammad and Saeed Subaih Al Falasi, and Abdullah Ahmad AlMarri, as well as the involvement of more than 25 diving experts of different ages and nationalities.

“I was delighted to have received the suggestion of diving and cleaning the marine environment from the Emirati child Rashed Marwan AlMarri and Indian child Hanan Mohammed Ali – both whom are not older than 12 years. This is a testament to our children’s awareness of the importance of preserving marine environment and ensuring that future generations get to enjoy a healthy and clean environment in the years to come,” he said.

Our Home

The Crown Prince of Dubai added, “Our city is our home. We are all responsible for its cleanliness and for sustaining its resources. This marks the first implementation of the thousands of ideas that we’ve received from the crowdsourcing platform launched last week. The activity conducted today not only raises awareness about the importance of preserving the environment but also effectively marries our vision for environmental volunteering and the country’s efforts in this space.

“There’s a clear correlation between environmental preservation and volunteer work, in large part because the environment affects all aspects of a community and those in it,” he continued.

hbm cleanup marine 2

The initiative stems from Sheikh Hamdan’s belief that preserving the environment is a national responsibility, an urgent requirement, and a pillar of sustainable development. The activity also aims to increase environmental awareness among residents and encourages them to engage in volunteer work to preserve the environment.

Highlighting the importance of environmental volunteering, Sheikh Hamdan said, “Preserving the environment is one of the main principles that fall within our sustainable development programmes and our government policies. We have developed rules, strategic plans and programs that support the preserving of the environment and our natural resources – all in support of the government’s larger vision of investing in people and achieving a happy and healthy community.”

“Volunteer work is one of the most important means for advancement in society, and its success depends on various factors – most importantly, a driven population that believes in volunteer work and its positive impact on society,” he emphasised.

Sheikh Hamdan called on residents to align their ideas with Dubai’s strategy and plan that aims to create a society that is compatible and mutually supportive. He underscored the fact that volunteerism is a national and religious duty towards humankind – one that has its roots in the country’s history, having been adopted by the Emirati community, and helping to shape a prosperous society.