Details of Dubai’s ‘police without policemen’ project

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 14 March 2018: Dubai Police’s path-breaking project “Police Without Policemen” is part of Dubai 10X initiative. It has three key elements that aim to realise the vision of Dubai as a city of the future.

Dubai Police’s ”Police Without Policemen” elements include:

  1. Setting up fixed cameras on railings and homes; to enforce the security and safety of the community through a combination of crowd sourcing and deployment of advanced technologies
  2. Launch of a surveillance blimp; an airborne early warning control system that oversees open spaces and projects under construction
  3. The ‘Station in Patrol’ – which aims to provide rapid response to emergencies and replace the need to build traditional police stations


General Abdullah Al Marri, Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief said: “With these projects we are bringing to reality the concept of no policemen policing and ensuring that we achieve the highest levels of security and safety for our people without the need for policemen being present on-ground 24/7.

“Through these projects, we aim to strengthen our partnership with the members of the community to strengthen safety and security standards, and respond promptly to any challenges, and ensure the happiness of our citizens and residents.

Traditional Policing

“Sometimes in traditional policing measures, valuable time is lost in identifying and arresting criminals. However, with the disruptive innovation that we propose through our new projects that deploy the latest technologies, we aim to scale up operational efficiency. These projects will serve as effective tools that help us achieve our goal of serving our people. In this, we will leverage international best practices that will benefit the community and the police force.”

The Dubai Police projects will contribute to enhancing the sense of security to the community and reducing the level of crimes. It will also transform the role of the community from being just beneficiaries to being active contributors that promote overall security and safety. The projects will also enhance the ability of police to respond swiftly to future challenges, and are aligned with the with smart police stations announced by the Commander-in-Chief.

Two-year Timeframe

“The public are our first and foremost strategic partner. We are also working with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and property developers, in general, as well as private sector entities that will supply, install and operate the projects to be completed in two years through rigorous testing and conforming to all requisite protocols and standards,” said Al Marri.

DFF’s CEO Khalfan Belhoul said: “The UAE – and Dubai – is home to several nationalities who live and work in harmony, following the rules and respecting the rights of others. The police force plays a central role in ensuring the safety and security of the people and our national assets. The projects announced by Dubai Police as part of the Dubai 10X initiative leverages disruptive innovation to strengthen safety standards that will benefit the entire city.”

Twenty-six projects presented by 24 government departments, have been approved for the Dubai 10X initiative. The shortlisted projects were evaluated by a panel of international experts from more than 160 ideas submitted by 36 entities in less than 365 days.