Dh250,000 cash prize for Sharjah businessmen

ShjSEEN offers award to winners of Sharjah Startups Award and Sharjah Entrepreneurship Award

The Sharjah Economic Excellence Network (ShjSEEN) Award announced that cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of Sharjah UAE Startups Award and Sharjah Entrepreneurship Award, in a bid to promote the culture of quality and excellence in private sector, support and stimulate the young entrepreneurs and honour the pioneering businessmen in recognition of their significant contribution to sustainable development and prosperity.

ShjSEEN Award is consistent with the SCCI’s efforts to improve the investment climate in the emirate, boost its competitiveness and adopt the values of quality, leadership and innovation.

Sharjah UAE Startups Award is presented to the innovative entrepreneurial ventures and the newly emerged and fast-growing organisations in the UAE. Entry is open to all private sector organisations in the UAE. Entries will be evaluated based on innovation and measureable outcomes. The winner will receive a cash prize of Dh100,000.

Sharjah Entrepreneur Award will be presented to the most successful entrepreneurs who have made a significant difference in their lives and community. Private sector entrepreneurs can enter one of three categories covering Sharjah, Eastern Region and Central Region. Entries will be assessed based on quality, professionalism, leadership and measurable outcomes. The winner in each of the three categories will receive a cash prize of Dh50, 000.

Nada Al Hajri, General Coordinator of ShjSEEN, said: “The decision to allocate this fund for these two awards, in particular, was taken with the aim of supporting the startup companies and encouraging the innovative entrepreneurial ventures, as well as recognising the entrepreneurs and investors who significantly contributed to the community progress and the overall economic development in the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE”.

Al Hajri called upon all the start-up companies and entrepreneurs, who meet the award requirements, to participate in the two awards, and to benefit from this great platform to present their innovative ideas and ventures. “Participants will receive the financial and moral support and will be honored in recognition of their outstanding contribution to sustainable development and prosperity”, she said.

Al Hajri pointed that all entries in the ShjSEEN Award will be evaluated based on professional, clear, transparent and objective criteria with the aim to recognize excellence of businesses and innovative entrepreneurs.

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) recently announced that the deadline for the submission of entries for ShjSEEN Award is September 29. The awards include five categories: Sharjah Award for top 10 Businesses Award, Sharjah Award for Best Startups in the UAE, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Award, Sharjah Green Award and Sharjah Social Responsibility Award.

The award is aimed at promoting the corporate governance, encouraging the adoption of quality standards and business code of ethics, developing the corporate social responsibility in private sector, encouraging eco-friendly practices and strengthening the role of business community in advancing sustainable development. These goals will be achieved by the provision of the necessary facilities, the launch and support of new enterprises and the recognition of excellence.

For more information, visit www.shjSEEN.org/en/award.