Du has new Teleport Facility in Dubai’s Al Qudra area

built to enable expanding requirements of du

DUBAI 21 June 2017: Du has announced its new satellite Teleport Facility, located in the Al Qudra area of Dubai, away from planned commercial and residential real-estate developments.

The new upgraded facility covers an area of 75,000 sq. meters and has been built to enable the expanding requirements of du broadcast customers, to deliver a superior service with a focus on service reliability and close control and monitoring of services uplinked from there. The facility is built to accommodate 50 earth station antenna systems with further room to expand, said Wam.

Through its teleport, du serves regional and international broadcasting customers. The number of TV channels being uplinked by its current teleport facility has grown by 600 percent since it began operations in 2004. The new world-class facility at Al Qudra Site will cater to the growth in demand of satellite TV offering state of the art technology. The new site has larger antennas ensuring robust signal levels in transmission and reception.

“In order for du to meet the growing requirements of customers in the region and internationally, we have come up with our new Teleport facility. Today, ours is the top ranked teleport in the MENA region and is already one of the top ten independent operators in the world. As broadcast requirements continue to proliferate, we will endeavour to innovate and offer our customers new broadcast solutions that will deliver on superior quality of service,” said Ahmed Al Muhaideb, Vice President, Broadcasting and IPTV Services.

The initial planning of the site started in 2010 and after intensive checking in terms of the location, the technical design phase started. This included civil and electromechanical works and satellite transmission systems. The building project was decided and started in 2012. The facility will be scaled up even further to cover all broadcasting operations, including TV signal processing and TV playout services, to ensure service fulfilment for du’s TV broadcasting partners.

By Sheena Amos