Register to use Dubai’s ‘Aquarium Immigration Tunnel’

By Angel Chan

Only ‘registered’ users can use the facility

DUBAI 15 October 2017: The ”Aquarium Immigration Tunnel’ will not be for all passengers using Dubai airports.

It will be for those who have registered with the immigration authorities, according to an official quoted in the video below.

Dubai plans to install this tunnel as part of its smart services in the form of an aquarium.

It will use advanced biometrics technologies such as iris-scans and face-recognition to identify and record passengers who have registered, thus allowing them to pass through immigration control in seconds without have to stop at a counter and present their passports.

immigration tunnel 2

The service will be launched in the near future Рbut no definite date has yet been set.

immigration tunnel 3

It has 10 smart cameras for iris scan and facial recognition.

immigration tunnel

The tunnel was displayed during last week’a Gitex in Dubai.