Will you help name Al Ain’s five new lion cubs?

By Angel Chan

AL AIN 16 October 2017: You have been invited by Al Ain Zoo to suggest names for the five new African lion cubs, three males and two females.

The competition was launched via Al Ain Zoo’s website enabling visitors to suggest new names for the cubs and have the chance to win valuable prizes.

lion cub

The number of lions at Al Ain Zoo after the new births is now 27, spread between the Safari and the Big Cat Oasis. Breeding programmes are put in place to care for and protect them and ensure they are in good health and provide visitors with unique experiences, said Wam.

“Visitors can now see our African cubs inside the zoo in their own exhibits. Al Ain Safari is a family destination that has a unique view of the lion habitat that was launched in 2016. The five cubs and their mother are in excellent health and have been well taken care of by our team. Our aim is to conserve and protect endangered species and provide a natural habitat,” said Omar Al Blooshi, Director of Marketing and Communications.

lion cub 2

The launch of the naming competition comes within the zoo’s move to promote community participation and public interaction in wildlife conservation programs. Al Ain Zoo has already launched this initiative to name other species, including zebras, white-handed gibbons, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and many others, where many visitors showed great responses to this initiative.

A lioness pregnancy period lasts almost four months after which they care for their cubs for up to 16 months until they are ready to be on their own.