Dubai scans sub-nanogram traces of explosives, drugs in 8 seconds

FCA to provide advanced inspection devices to Dubai Customs

DUBAI 13 June 2017: Dubai Customs acquires machine that can find nanogram traces of explosives and drugs within 9 seconds.

The acquisition is part of a MoU with Federal Customs Authority (FCA), in which the latter will deliver inspection devices to Dubai Customs in its quest to implement the latest and best inspection and control standards. The FCA will also provide training for Dubai Customs staff on how to use the new devices, plus the regular maintenance.

Mohammad Juma Nasser Buossaiba, FCA Director-General and Ahmed Mahbooh Musabih signed a memorandum of understanding last Wednesday at Dubai Customs’ building.

dubai customs fca

“Borders and entries worldwide, and in the Arab World in particular are facing increasing challenges. Smugglers are innovating new ways and this puts customs apparatuses in front of big challenges, said Buossaiba.

Part of FCA plan is to furnish all customs entries with the latest and most advanced scanning and inspection devices throughout 2017 and 2018. This will include mobile and fixed devices that will be used to check containers and vehicles, plus drug and explosives detection devices, vehicles, luggage and body scanning devices.

The package will include Ionscan 500DT which fills the growing need of security professionals to have the ability to detect a wide range of substances and to be able to adapt as threats and their needs change.

ionscan 500dt

According to its maker, Smiths Detection, IONSCAN 500DT is a highly sensitive system, which detects and identifies more than 40 substances. It can detect sub-nanogram trace amounts of explosives and narcotics within 8 seconds.

By Sheena Amos