Catfight: Woman literally gouges Dubai flatmate’s eyes

Moroccan was boxing Tunisian in abdomen while the latter targeted the face

DUBAI 14 June 2017: A fight between two women flatmates ended up with one of them losing her sight, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On September 15, 2016, at 20 minutes after midnight, NB,34, Tunisian, and HT. 36, Moroccan, started arguing in the kitchen,

The Tunisian asked the Moroccan not to use her shelf.

“I will put my stuff wherever I want,” answered the Moroccan.

The two headed to the hall and started fighting physically.

The Tunisian fell on the floor, so the Moroccan sat on her and they started boxing and pulling at each other’s hair.

Other flatmates gathered and pulled the two women apart ands then each left the scene.

After about five minutes, the two women resumed fighting and screaming at one another.

The Moroccan was boxing the Tunisian in her abdomen part while the latter targeted the face.

“All of a sudden the Moroccan tuned to us and her eye was bleeding. We called for ambulance,” testified NH, 36, flatmate.

Rashid hospital reported that the Moroccan partially lost her sight with a rate of 20 per cent permanent disability.

Court will give sentence on June 19.

By Lolyana Zaki