Dubai Police pays for 6-year old Reem’s new kidney

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 23 December 2018: Maj. Gen. Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief, has reiterated that Dubai Police will continue to provide the necessary support for Reem’s medical treatment until she is completely cured.

Six-year-old Reem has successfully undergone a kidney transplant at Al Jalila Specialist Hospital for Children in the UAE.

She was born with a renal disorder and suffered kidney failure when she was nine months old. Reem is the daughter of a Dubai police officer. She was referred to the Center for Excellence in Nephrology in the Children’s Hospital in June 2017.

A pediatric team discovered that Reem also had a severe bone disease caused by kidney failure, low blood volume due to lack of urine production and high blood pressure. She improved her health somewhat after four to five sessions of dialysis weekly. She was then placed on the list of patients eligible for kidney transplant.

Reem’s parents spent many hours in the dialysis unit every week. In addition to many other procedures, Reem had to take at least 10 different types of medicines daily as well as many intravenous injections.

Reem is the second child kidney transplant patient in the UAE, in less than two months. Both were done by the Mohammed bin Rashid University for Medicine and Health Sciences and Al Jalila Specialist Hospital for Children.

“I can now go to school like all my friends and brothers,” said Reem, who was very happy with the end of her long suffering with dialysis.

During a visit to the hospital in Dubai, Al Marri said that social responsibility is one of the main pillars of Dubai Police.

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