Dubai Police recover over Dh79m in delayed wages for workers

12 firms were caught violating human rights

The human rights division at Dubai Police recovered more than Dh79 million in delayed wages for workers through 2014-2015 after receiving hundreds of complaints about employers, according to the division director.


Brigadier Mohammed Al Murr said the division received 323 complaints from workers about delayed wages during that period while scores of other complaints involved arbitrary sacking, mistreatment of workers by their employers and wage cuts.

“We have dealt with all those complaints and found that nearly 85 per cent of them are correct…we have received a total 1,259 complaints from workers, including 192 group reports through our hotline,” he told Al Bayan newspaper.

He said police and labour inspectors visited 1,551 companies during that period to ensure their compliance with human rights laws and found that 12 of them were violating those laws. He added that those companies have been warned and given a deadline to adjust their position.