Work timings in new four-and-half week + more

Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 14 December 2021: The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) yesterday issued a circular to all federal ministries and authorities related to the implementation of the new working week system, in light of the extended weekend which includes Saturday, Sunday and half day on Friday, starting from 1st January, 2022.

In its Circular No.18 for 2021, FAHR clarified that the official working week for federal government employees starts from Monday till Friday from 7:30am till 3:30pm daily, except Friday when working hours will last till 12pm.

FAHR also urged the federal authorities to abide by the new system and benefit from the flexibility it offers, provided that this flexibility does not contradict with the work requirements and comes within the official working hours.

Additionally, federal authorities can activate remote working system on applicable jobs, provided that they coordinate with FAHR before implementing this system (either in part or full) to ensure that it meets the required conditions in accordance with the new working system.

FAHR confirmed that it has updated the information management system in federal government (Bayanati) to cope with the new working system and that it is fully ready to address any issues it may face in its implementation.

FAHR also called upon federal entities that are not linked to “Bayanati” to amend their own electronic systems in line with the new working week, including official working hours, weekends, leaves, and other related aspects, as of 1st January, 2022.


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