Failed Facebook biz proposition turns into rape attempt

Instead of returning Dh7,000, man tries to rape compatriot

DUBAI 31 May 2017: A Pakistani attempted to rape a compatriot woman whom he knew via Facebook and had promised to open a business for her in Dubai, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

RK, transferred about Dh7,000 to BN, 40, over a period of four months since she knew him over Facebook. He was supposed to help her open a saloon in Dubai. After she came to Dubai on a visit visa, BN failed to open her the business and started delaying paying her back her money.

RK was unable to pay the charges of her hotel room and she told BN who asked her to move to a flat where other compatriot women were living.

BN introduced RK to his friend MF, and asked him to help her set up her business.

The woman and MF started talking over the phone and so the later knew that she lives in the same building where his friend lives.

“I was very patient with him and I trusted him. I transferred him money without taking any receipt from him,” the woman complained to MF.

After the woman lost all hope that BN would pay her back her money, she threatened him of complaining to the police.

On December 19, the woman went down the building to buy some staff from the supermarket at around 6.30am.

“Down the building I saw BN standing and he smelled and looked drunk. As I got into the building he hit me and pulled me into the lift threatening me that he will make me regret threatening him with the police. He was gagging my mouth and slapping me until the lift reached the first floor. He dragged me into his flat where a number of Pakistani men were sitting and drinking alcohol. He dragged me into the bedroom where he tried to rape me… He could not do that because I was resisting him with all my force,” said the victim.

As he got tired of her, he left her in the room and got out.

“I grabbed my bag and called his friend MF and told him what happened. MF, came to the flat and pulled me from the bedroom as his friend was trying to rape me for the second time,” said the victim.

Police arrived and arrested the man.

The court will reconvene on July 4.

By Lolyana Zaki