Have you seen these giant letters take over Dubai?

letter blend 23 different language

DUBAI 29 May 2017: Giant alphabet letter figures of ‘Dubai Font’ have taken the city by storm, with the objective of encouraging reading, writing and self-expression.


This initiative serves as a reminder of the core values that characterize the city of Dubai: happiness, giving, respect, tolerance, modernity, smartness and living in harmony.


These letter figures are found on Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Mall and Kite Beach among other key roads and main streets in Dubai – blending 23 different language.


“The ‘Dubai Font’ is not only a digital medium for expression and reading, it is also a means of communication combining the ancient and honorable past of the Emirates to its modern present and the aspirations of its brilliant future”, said Ahmad Al Mahri, Assistant Secretary General for Executive Council and General Secretariat Affairs Sector of Dubai, and Project Director of Dubai Font.


“The ’Dubai Font‘ with the use of its different letters will allow individuals from all over the world to express themselves and their opinions in their mother tongue and we aim through this initiative to convey a message from our dear nation to the world.


“This is what we have materialized through ‘Dubai Font’ a gift from Dubai to the world.”


Digital Footprint

Al Mahri added: “The objective of this initiative is to set a digital footprint for the Emirate in the midst of the rapid development of the digital world and various other fields.


“It is therefore necessary for us to contribute by offering new and innovative aspects to embrace technology and present it to individuals in a way that gives them pride and happiness, thus empowering them to express themselves fully.”


The “Dubai Font” is the first font created by and named after a city, developed in collaboration with Microsoft in line with the UAE’s vision to become a regional and global leader in innovation, and in support of the efforts deployed to reinforce the role played by the Emirate and setting its footprint in the digital world.


The “Dubai Font” was developed as per the highest and most cutting-edge technological standards, whereby it is not only a digital typeface used for writing, but also a form of communication allowing people around the world to express their personalities and feelings in an ever-evolving digital world.


“It is important to note that the high technical quality of the font fills an important need for high-quality Arabic typefaces as part of the Office 365 program by Microsoft.


The “Dubai Font” was developed with unique specifications that aim to encourage self-expression and reading. Created from scratch, the “Dubai Font” fills a design gap between Arabic and Latin texts and presents harmonious typefaces combining the two scripts seamlessly.


By Angel Chan